Use the S3-compatible endpoint with S3Browser
Use the S3-compatible endpoint with S3Browser
This page will guide you through the initial setup for the S3-Compatible Endpoint in S3Browser.
Install S3Browser
This guide is focused on the software S3Browser, so naturally you will need to download it from the official website:
You can install it like any other program.
Make The Initial Connection
When opening the software for the first time you will be asked to specify the connection you want to create. Enter the following values:
Account Name: CC0 Textures Account Type: S3 Compatible Storage REST Endpoint: s3.eu-central-003.backblazeb2.com Access Key ID: <Access Key ID from your Mail> Secret Access Key: <Secret Key from your Mail>
Plain Text
Then click on Advanced S3-compatible storage settings in the bottom left corner and change the Signature Version to:
Signature V4
Plain Text
Here are two screenshots showing the final configuration:
You can also import these settings via this configuration file ...
... but it is honestly faster to just copy-paste in the settings from the text field above.
You can now close the advanced settings and save your connection profile. The software will then start establishing the connection. When making the initial connection you might be met with an error message like this:
This happens because S3Browser attempts to perform an action that your key is not permitted to perform. But that's not a problem and won't happen again. Simply close the window by pressing No. Then select the bucket CC0-Textures-Patreon in the file tree to the left.
Before doing anything else there is one setting that you should change now: Go to Tools → Options (or press Alt+O) and in the General tab set the Overwrite options for existing files to Skip (do not overwrite, keep existing file). Save the changes and close the window.
If you are using the Pro version of S3Browser you can also increase the number of concurrent downloads in the Queueing tab. For Free users it is limited to two, which is still plenty fast.
You can now start browsing the files. Your connection was saved automatically, so it will be reloaded if you close S3Browser and open it again.
Browse, Download And Filter Files
You can of course just browse the files like any normal directory.
But if you want to download - for example - all materials in the 2K-JPG format then this method will be barely faster than using the website. This is where S3Browser comes into play:
Go into the top right menu and enable flat mode (the small white rectangle between the pencil and the hopper).
Instead of seeing the folder structure you now see a plain list of all files.
At this point you can easily apply filters to select just the files you want to download. Click on the filter icon (right next to the flat mode button in the to right corner).
You can now specify a filter using wildcards. Many people are already very accustomed to these kinds of filters, for everyone else I prepared a little cheat sheet:
JPG, 1K resolution: PBR/*/1K-JPG/*.jpg JPG, 2K resolution: PBR/*/2K-JPG/*.jpg JPG, 4K resolution: PBR/*/4K-JPG/*.jpg JPG, 8K resolution: PBR/*/8K-JPG/*.jpg PNG, 1K resolution: PBR/*/1K-PNG/*.png PNG, 2K resolution: PBR/*/2K-PNG/*.png PNG, 4K resolution: PBR/*/4K-PNG/*.png PNG, 8K resolution: PBR/*/8K-PNG/*.png ----- JPG, All resolutions: PBR/*/1K-JPG/*.jpg PNG, All resolutions: PBR/*/1K-JPG/*.jpg ----- All .sbsar files: SUBSTANCE/*/SBSAR/*.sbsar All .sbs files with dependencies: SUBSTANCE/*/SBS/*
Plain Text
For our example we set the filter to:
Plain Text
You can then review the list of files. If you want to batch download all of them go to Files → Select All (or press Ctrl+A) and then click on Download just below the list of files.
You will be asked to specify a location. I recommend creating one dedicated folder for CC0 Textures downloads because then you can simply add more files to it at a later point (for example 4K-JPG if you need them) by pointing S3Browser into the same download location.
During the download you can see the list of remaining files in braces on the Tasks tab.
You can stop the download prematurely by pressing Cancel All in the bottom right corner.
Because we set the Overwrite Options to Skip during the initial setup you can just repeat this download into the same folder using the same (or a different) filter at a later time and get the newly released assets.
This is already pretty nice and if you like it like this then you can stop here, but some people might still find this process somewhat inconvenient because you need to manually start the Software, load the folder, type in the filter and then click start the download. We (and the software) can do better than that.
Automate It!
S3Browser also comes with a small console application that can be used to automate the download process.
First you need to find the installation directory of S3Browser. If you haven't changed any settings during the installation it should be this folder:
C:\Program Files\S3 Browser
Plain Text
Inside this folder is an application called s3browser-con.exe. It is a command line interface that allows you to automate the actions of S3Browser. If you have some experience in working with console/terminal-based software then you can probably stop reading here and just play around with it. For everyone else, here are some easy ways to use this tool:
A Desktop Button
Right click on your desktop (or into any folder) and create a new shortcut. When Windows asks you for the target of this you can enter commands based on the following template:
"C:\Program Files\S3 Browser\s3browser-con.exe" download "<Name of your connection profile>" "CC0-Textures-Patreon/<Wildcard from the Cheatsheet>" "<Local directory>"
Plain Text
Simply paste the output from this page into the dialog asking you for the target of your new shortcut. The name does not matter, choose whatever.
And here it is! Every you click this button S3Browser will start pulling the latest Assets from CC0 Textures. Just make sure that you have set the Overwrite options to Skip in the S3Browser options (see above, it's marked in orange).
A Better Desktop Button
There is still one issue with this system: You might need to create multiple desktop shortcuts for multiple resolutions.
Let's improve that, it's really simple. Create a new text file.
Then simply paste the commands for all the resolutions/files you want to download into it. One per line. (This is where the generator might come in handy!).
Lastly, change the file extension to .bat.
If you start this file it will start checking for new files and download them accordingly. Just make sure that you have set the Overwrite options to Skip in the S3Browser options (see above, it's marked in orange).
Fully Automated Downloads
You can now also attach this batch file to an event or a trigger in windows task scheduling to pull new files at regular intervals.