Defines the method that was used to create the texture. Can be set to • BitmapApproximation The material has been approximated from just a color map. • HeightFieldPhotogrammetry The material's displacement map was created using photogrammetry. • SubstanceDesignerProcedural The material was created fully procedurally in Substance Designer. • SubstanceDesignerPhotoBased The material was created using Substance Designer and premade assets (such as photoscanned elements). • MultiAngleApproximation The material was created using multi-angle approximation. • PlainPhoto The material is just a plain photo, no further material processing was done. • 3DPhotogrammetry This asset is a 3D model that was created using photogrammetry. • Jsplacement Materials that were created using the software Jsplacement. • Gaea Materials that were created using the software Gaea. Multiple values can be concatenated using a comma. Not setting the parameter or sending an empty string will disable the filter. Any other value will lead to 0 results.